Surface, Stair, & Cleat Bracket Applications

Surface Mounted Flat Brackets

surface mounted flat bracket supporting a shelf

A&M Hardware's take on the minimalist shelf bracket. Just bolt your brackets directly to the 2x4.

Surface Mounted Flat Brackets

two surface mounted flat brackets supporting a shelf

There are mounting holes on the support arm to attach your shelf to the brackets. These brackets are extremely strong and provide a very low profile for all of your shelf support needs.

Stair Tread Brackets

closeup of a stair tread bracket in use

Building a stair case? We now offer our ST10 Stair Tread Brackets.

Stair Tread Brackets

a stair tread bracket supporting a stair

A simple, exceedingly strong and cost effective way to support your stairs.

Cleat Support Brackets

cleat support bracket providing extra support between two workstation brackets

You've supported your desk/work station with our brackets. But you need more support between the brackets. What do you do? That's easy. Install our Cleat bracket on the wall between brackets.

Surface, Stair, & Cleat Bracket Info

Surface Mounted Flat, Stair Tread, and
Cleat Support Brackets Pricing

workstation bracket size & price list
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