Hybrid Bracket Product Test Data

Results of load Testing of our Hybrid(1.0) and (1.5) Brackets
with 12”, 18” & 24” Extender Arms

*** Specific bracket test data can be found by going to our Bracket Test Results page, or going under the "About Us" menu at the top and selecting "All Test Data". ***

hybrid brackets in drywall and open framing

All sizes of our Hybrid(1.0) and (1.5) Brackets were load tested using the following method: the brackets were tested for ultimate load by being mounted to a post fixture and load applied in the center of the horizontal arm of the bracket. This simulated the actual mounting of the bracket on the wall.

The brackets were then each mounted in the fixture prepared for use with the Riehle Universal Testing Machine. Each of the specimens was subjected to load until 900 lbf was reached, and thereafter, load was increased until the arm yielded, i.e., the point of reaching ultimate load. The results for all sizes tested ranged from the 12” Extender Arm to the 24” Extender Arm ranged from 1050 lbf/Pair Ultimate Load to 2200 lbf/Pair Ultimate Load. Detailed Information is available upon request.