ADA Support Brackets

  • Black ADA support bracket
  • Black ADA vanity bracket
  • Stainless Steel ADA vanity bracket

After numerous requests from our customers we have developed ADA support brackets. This new bracket, the A&M Hardware ADA Bracket, will simplify your ADA countertop installations.

Also known as ADA vanity brackets, these brackets are mounted to the wall and your countertop, with an ADA sink that sits on top. Use the supplied spring clips to attach your face board to each vanity bracket for a clean look. There is no visible hardware and the face board can be removed with no tools. Or you may mount your face board directly to the brackets.

ADA Vanity Bracket Features

  • Available with a 21" or a 23" top
  • Available in Made in the USA or Import
  • 12 Gauge Steel offers superior strength
  • Available in Black, White, Primer, Stainless Steel & Aluminum(Import Only)
  • Optional mounting holes on sides of Black Brackets to install your finishing panel if desired
  • ADA(21) accommodates 22" to 24" tops
  • ADA(23) accomodates 24" to 26" tops
  • Spring clips & screws provided for easy on/off skirt attachment
  • No visible fasteners
  • No tools required to remove & reinstall skirt
  • Mounting holes provided for skirt if you do not wish to use spring clips
  • 3x3 cut out for wall cleat & wire run clearance
  • Packaged 2 per box
  • See full price list under the "About Us" drop down
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21" ADA Vanity
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