• Our NEW Hybrid Bracket now available

  • New color BROWN now available in all sizes in the Regular Imported Line.

  • Work station brackets are available as imports or "made in USA"

  • 3 sizes of Workstation Brackets in stainless steel

  • 4 sizes of Extended Concealed brackets

  • 4 sizes of Concealed brackets

  • Same Day

  • New Products
    21x21" All colors
    Regular Brackets
    Hybrid(1.0) Brackets
    12, 18 or 24" Support
    Arm - Black & White

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Please contact us for information about
our new Aluminum Brackets, Concealed and
Stainless Steel Made in the USA Brackets and Hybrid(1.0) Brackets.


Are you an architect, builder or contractor looking for high quality support brackets for a number of different applications? Look no further. A&M Hardware, Inc is proud to offer high-quality cantilever support brackets that easily support more than 1,000 lbs. If you are looking for additional strength and/or concealment, check out our concealed and extended concealed brackets. The vertical mounting arm of the bracket is completely concealed behind the drywall, and the horizontal arm supports 1,800 lbs – 7,960 lbs per pair, depending on the arm length. We also offer a Hybrid bracket which can be surface mounted or concealed for maximum flexibility. This bracket is available in a 1.5" and a 1.0" version. We stock stainless steel brackets in imported or Made in the US versions. We offer our Concealed brackets in a Made in the US version. We are proud to offer an aluminum bracket as well. Look to the original A&M Hardware brackets for all of your bracket needs.